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Product Hunt

A Product Hunt app for the Mac

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Why is Laser not spelled Lazer?

Lazer is soooo much cooler, but I was worried people wouldn't be able to find it.

Who's behind this project?

IMNS Nate Smith

Why can't I vote or comment?

Right now the Product Hunt API doesn't allow write access, which means Laser Kitten can't do cool stuff like voting, commenting and managing collections.

Is there a Windows app?

No, but I'd love help making that happen. Laser Kitten is built on Electron, so you can fork the project on Github and help make it build on Windows.

I wish Laser Kitten did this...

I'd love to hear suggestions on how to make this app better. Just submit a new issue on Github and label it as an 'enhancement'.

I found a bug?

I'm using Github's issue tracker, please add an issue there.